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Grant and Application Details

Application windows: June 1 thru July 15 for fall grant (awarded Aug 1) & Oct 1 thru Nov 15 for winter grant (awarded Dec 1). For 2021 the fall deadline is extended to Nov 30. 

Applications must be mailed and should be postmarked no later than the last day of the application period.  The grant is given to selected needy families in the form of purchases of wishlist items and/or services specified by the applicant.  See application for further details.  Award amounts will typically fall between $200 and $600 per student. The number of grants offered will depend on the size of the applicant pool, available funds, and individual circumstances of the families. Families awarded a grant will be notified of their award amount and will have a chance to finalize their wishlist.  Hearts At Home Grant Program reserves the right to determine who receives a grant as well as the amount of the grant.

Grant award will be used toward purchase(s) of:

  • Curriculum (new or used)
  • Books (new or used)
  • School supplies
  • Local classes/services for homeschooled students
  • Online classes (with limitations, see application)

Application Requirements

In order to apply applicants must:

  • Reside in Placer county and have full-time custody of their homeschooled child(ren)
  • Be privately homeschooling (children not enrolled in: public school, private school, or homeschool charter)
  • Be teaching at least one subject at home (versus child taking all classes outside the home)
  • Have at least one homeschooled student between ages 6 and 18 by Sept 1 of current year 



1. Review and gather all requested information:

  • Wish list - supplies, curriculum, class(es). If you needs a list of curriculum and class resources please contact us.
  • Carefully review Homeschooling on a Budget material (see )
  • Photo ID of applicant
  • Proof of age(s) of all listed homeschooling children such as copies of birth certs or passports
  • Proof of all income such as first two pages of 1040 for all wage-earners in the home, proof of child-support, alimony, etc.
  • Proof of homeschooling such as copy of Private School Affidavit, certified withdrawal letter to the previous school, or PEA filing paperwork.
  • Proof of residence: utility bill, water bill, rental contract, etc.
  • Proof of special needs diagnosis if applicable
  • Proof of government assistance if applicable (WIC, Medi-Cal, etc)

2. Download, print, and fill out the application form here

3. Mail application and copies of documentation listed above to: Hearts At Home Grant c/o Valley Oak Family Wellness,1198 Melody Lane #103 Roseville, CA 95678

If you have questions about the process, please reach out to us 


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